Will and Probate Disputes

Lavelle has considerable experience in dealing with Will and Probate disputes which arise in relation to the administration of estates or trusts. This includes challenging a will, contesting a will, probate disputes and beneficiary disputes.

We have contested many Wills over the years and are proud of our record of client care. We act in a variety of contentious matters, including:

  • Claims under Section 117 of the Succession Act, 1965 where a child claims against the estate of a deceased parent that the parent has failed in his/her moral duty when making their Will.
  • Issuing court proceedings or defending actions against executors in relation to the administration of estates.
  • Challenging a will for lack of capacity. The deceased must have had the required mental capacity at the date on which the Will was made. If the deceased did not have the necessary capacity, the Will may not be valid and can be subject to challenge through the Courts.
  • Challenging a will for undue influence. A Will can be challenged on the basis that the deceased was under the influence of another party and therefore did not make the Will freely.
  • Claims by a spouse against an estate seeking a “legal right share”.

We are Specialist Solicitors in Probate and we are happy to assist or advise you in any aspect of your relatives/friends estate or will.

If you wish to consult with a professional in this matter contact via phone on 01 644 5800 or via email Ciarán Leavy and Marc Fitzgibbon