Solicitors’ Negligence & Suing Solicitors

At Lavelle we recognise that many people who encounter problems with their solicitors feel that they have nowhere to turn to. We specialise in bringing actions against solicitors for negligence. They can arise as negligence in the following areas:

  • failing to issue court proceedings within the appropriate limitation period or missing a court deadline
  • failing to draft a will properly
  • failing to administer a deceased’s estate correctly
  • causing your claim to be struck out by the court
  • making a mistake when purchasing your home or property
  • losing title documents
  • failing to advise you about planning permission and building regulations
  • failing to honour undertakings to banks or other solicitors
  • making an error in drafting a lease
  • failing to serve a notice on your behalf by a given deadline
  • failing to follow instructions
  • failing to provide the correct legal advice
  • issuing court proceedings against the wrong party
  • failing to account for monies

We have obtained exceptional results for our many clients which has led to us gaining a reputation for claimant solicitors’ negligence claims. We also regularly act for clients who take misconduct cases against solicitors before the Solicitors Discipliniary Tribunal.

We understand that consulting with a solicitor can be a stressful enough exercise without having to consider the effects of the legal mistake on the client themselves.  At all times our firm acts in a respectful and professional manner and will be happy to advise you in this area.  All queries will be dealt with in the strictist of confidence.

If you wish to consult with a professional in this matter contact Ciarán Leavy.

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