Insurance Disputes

Lavelle Solicitors understand that insurance is a necessary and important aspect of our everyday lives. When something goes wrong clients expect to be protected under their insurance policy. Dealing with an insurance company can be a frustrating experience especially when you are trying to fight for a claim that has been wrongfully or mistakenly denied. We can help you if you find yourself in this position.

Lavelle Solicitors have built an excellent reputation for providing effective and efficient representation for clients in dispute with insurance companies. We have considerable experience in dealing with insurance companies and protecting the rights of our clients.

We advise clients on disputes in many different areas including:

  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Buildings and Contents Insurance.
  • Permanent Health Insurance.
  • Critical Illness Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Mortgage Protection Insurance.

Some insurance policies, particularly for houses and commercial properties, include an arbitration clause. This means that if a dispute arises between an insurance company and a client then the issue must be referred to Arbitration within a short period of the dispute occurring. If a dispute is not referred to Arbitration on time it may be too late to take action so we recommend you contact us as soon as possible.

We are Specialist Solicitors in Insurance Disputes and we are happy to assist or advise you in any aspect of your claim.

If you wish to consult with a professional in this matter contact Ciarán Leavy.

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