An individual’s good reputation can take years to earn but can be lost in moments by the publication of a defamatory statement. Lavelle are leading experts in defamation and have been involved in numerous High Court defamation actions, acting for both Plaintiffs and Defendants, over the last 25 years.

We have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle all types of cases and achieve the best resolution for our clients whether by way of mediation or court proceedings. We help victims of defamation obtain apologies, retractions and compensation for damages. In recent times, we are seeing more and more cases involving internet defamation and we have developed a particular expertise in this area.

Lavelle Solicitors recently successfully represented Fred Muwema, a prominent lawyer in Uganda in High Court proceedings against Facebook. The High Court ruled that Facebook must reveal the name of the Ugandan Activist who has been posting defamatory allegations of corruption against Mr Muwema under the pseudonym Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (“TVO”).

The case was heard in Dublin as it is where the relevant division of Facebook is based. Facebook users outside the United States and Canada, such as users located in Uganda, enter into an agreement with Facebook Ireland when they register an account to use the Facebook service. This means that any Facebook users outside the United States and Canada who wish to take court proceedings against Facebook must do so in Ireland before the Irish Courts. read more

We are specialist solicitors in defamation and we are happy to assist or advise you. For more information on our services contact Ciarán Leavy, Partner.

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Lavelle Solicitors successfully represented Fred Muwema, a prominent lawyer in …

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