Data Protection

Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 governs the area of data protection in Ireland and confer responsibilities on data controllers and processors. There are strict requirements of compliance under Data Protection legislation for both data processors and controllers to ensure that individuals’ data privacy rights are respected.

Our team at Lavelle advises companies on all aspects of privacy and data protection both in the workplace and in carrying out their businesses. We have implemented data protection policies for clients to ensure that they comply with the law on data protection and that proper practices are adopted by companies on a day to day basis in the handling of personal data.

We can deal with all aspects of data protection compliance from initial queries to the full implementation of data protection policies for firms and companies. A privacy policy will apply to all personal data including employee data; third party data and customer data.

We advise on all areas of data protection and privacy including:

  • What are your obligations under Data Protection Law?
  • Does your business need to adapt changes to ensure compliance under GDPR?
  • Data protection registration;
  • Data protection policies and procedures;
  • Where a data processor is engaged ensure that certain steps are taken to make sure data protection standards are maintained;
  • Data Protection audits;
  • Lawful use of image capture technology, CCTV and other processing equipment;
  • Data protection in the workplace including presenting to key employees;
  • Reviewing data subject requests for access and possible exemptions;
  • Restrictions on exporting data outside the EEA;
  • Right to privacy under the Irish constitution.
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